Boxing is a contact sport and single combat, in which athletes strike each other with fists in special gloves. The referee controls the fight, which lasts up to 12 rounds. The victory is awarded if the opponent is knocked down and can not rise for ten seconds (knockout).
This is a regular training, and not only with a pear and on a ring, but with skipping rope, bar, bars, jogging, working with dumbbells, etc. A wide range of cardio-functional allows you to always be in an excellent well-muscled form.
Great attention is paid to the development of endurance, because in sparring opponents are constantly in motion, the heart should work perfectly and withstand any stress.
The training of boxing includes your whole body. In order to put all the force into your own blow, you need to transfer the energy correctly up the legs, to the shoulder, the arm and then the fist. That's why one of the main advantages of boxing is the full development of the strength of the whole body. You will do exercises to strengthen the legs, and on all other muscle groups. In the box is irreplaceable press, which must be as hard as possible to withstand the blows of rivals.
Training reaction: in the ring can not be delayed, every movement of the enemy must be caught and even be counted in advance. To become a winner, you need to be able to hold a blow, and get up even after falling.
One of the most unique advantages of boxing is self-confidence. You will look great, with cubes on the press and huge biceps. Increasing your confidence become to you from the knowledge that you will be able to protect yourself when you need it.
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